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    Warrior Breakfast at the Ferris Wheel

    Warrior Breakfast at the Ferris Wheel

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    Fuel your body with the Warrior Breakfast at the Ferris Wheel. Enjoy a delicious boxmeal and behold the magnificent view over the Holy Grounds, including a sight of the mighty RED stage. You can book this Experience with a group of 4 friends, but it could also be your ultimate chance to meet new fellow Warriors; if you book individually, we will assign you to a ride with other Warriors.

    Ticket is per person. Max 4 persons per ride. Ride takes about 25 minutes.

    Don't wait too long to book this brand-new experience, as the first shift (11.30u) will have the unique opportunity to witness the RED in all its glory before its official reveal on Friday.

    The boxmeal contains:
    - Croissant
    - Fruit mix
    - Orange juice
    - Cheese sandwich
    - Yogurt with Granola

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